Podcast: Tia Hill & Caitlin Barndt on What Colleges (Really) Want

In the latest episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews Tia Hill and Caitlin Barndt, who together comprise the Davidson Day College Counseling Office.

Tia Hill is our Director of College Counseling, and Caitlin Barndt is our College Counseling Associate and Admission Associate, and in this conversation they discuss their pathway to their own college selections, working "on the other side of the desk," and the college admission process at Davidson Day.
Tia Hill started at Davidson Day in 2013, and Caitlin Barndt joined our community in 2016. Both Tia and Caitlin a depth of experience in working in college admissions at Furman University and Queens University of Charlotte, prior to joining the team at Davidson Day. 

From this prior work, and their current expertise in building relationships and meaningful connections with college and university admission representatives, Tia and Caitlin know exactly how college admission offices sift through applications and evaluate candidates, and exactly what colleges want: a well-rounded student body.  

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