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No BackPack Day

Spring 2023 | No Backpack Day!

Community Engagement Program Vision

Community Engagement is evidence of Davidson Day School's commitment to excellence through experiential and high impact learning for its JK-12th grade students. An engaged community includes a team of informed and active students, dedicated faculty and staff, and involved families. As a mission-driven entity, Community Engagement emboldens school wide and shared communication, cooperation, and collaboration and graduates kids prepared to lead, succeed, and serve in their local and global communities.

No BackPack Day & Donation Event

No BackPack Day was Friday, April 28. Students came to school without their backpacks and carried all their books and school supplies in their hands. The goal was to raise awareness for the millions of young students around the world who have to walk miles to school carrying their books and school supplies in their hands because they cannot afford a backpack. 

No BackPack Day is also a non-profit organization that provides backpacks and school supplies for elementary-aged students in African countries. 

This was Davidson Day School’s first-ever student-led, school-wide community service project. In coordination with Global Youth Service Day and in alignment with the school’s mission and vision of preparing well-rounded, compassionate leaders, students in the Upper School Community Engagement Council have committed to operating and executing the education, activation, and reflection cycle of service learning while empowering our entire K-12 student community to join in this service effort. 
    • Global Youth Service Day

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