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  • February

    Patriot Swimmers Win NCISAA State Championships

    Congratulations to our Davidson Day Patriots Swim Team, and to Patriots Logan Zucker '23, Olivia Hardey '23, Sophia Bellissimo '25, and Gavin Conroy '25, for competing in the NCISAA State Championship Swim Meet earlier this month! 

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  • Libbie Gordon '21 Places First in Winter Equestrian Festival

    Senior Libbie Gordon and her horse High Society took top honors in the Small Junior Hunter competition at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida, last weekend. 
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  • Podcast: Jason Chinuntdet ‘13 on Change and Culture

    In this episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews Patriot Alumnus Jason Chinuntdet.  Throughout this episode Jason, who now works at Gartner as an HR Advisory Specialist, chats with Pete about organizational culture, change management, and Jason’s transition from Davidson Day to college, career, and beyond. 
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  • 2021 Black History Month Video coordinated by Jaden Graham '21

    Jaden Graham '21
    February marks Black History Month every year.  This year, I wanted to do something meaningful, something that could involve the voices and diverse perspectives of members within our Davidson Day community, so in December, I set out to plan an extracurricular project that would culminate in a video produced and then shared and discussed by our Upper School during this year’s Black History Month. 

    Here’s the video:

    I think it’s important to highlight why I chose to do this, and how I completed the project.  

    In 2020, we all saw the unequal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic within minority communities, the visceral video footage of far too many displays of systemic racism and injustice, and subsequent peaceful protest movements in cities across the county.  

    I believe that we all deserve--that we all need--the time and space to listen to the voices and stories of the black members of our communities.  So I set out to interview 18 members of our community--students, faculty, staff, administrators, coaches, and alumni--to hear their stories and perspectives about Black History.  

    “After Black History Month is over, people aren’t really talking about it and we should be learning more about African American stuff in school,” said Tomiwa Akingbade ‘28 in the video interview.  

    “Just as we learn years and years of American History within our school system, I believe the same should go for African American History. It has enough history to be its own subject and to be its own class,” said Makayla Tejeda ‘20 in her interview for the video project.  “Instead, within our school systems, it’s usually a chapter, a week, or maybe a month,” she said.    

    My project culminated in our video production being shared and discussed during Upper School Advisory on Wednesday, February 10, 2021.  But my hope is that this video is not the end of a project, rather, the beginning of an ongoing conversation in our community about the rich and robust history of black people in our communities.  
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  • Podcast: Takila Williams on Perseverance, Purpose, and Service

    In this episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews parent Takila Williams. 

    Takila shares how perseverance and pursuit of purpose-driven goals led to a fulfilling and rewarding dream of winning a professional cheerleading job and how those same principles applied to growing an entrepreneurial and exceptional career in sales, starting in pest control and, later, in pharmaceutical sales.  She also shares actionable tips about the creation of a vision board and an in-depth explanation of how taking a service-oriented approach to sales can yield dividends in employment, parenting, relationships, and nearly any other goal one may have. 

    Today, in addition to being the parent of a Patriot, Takila shares inspirational messages and lessons via an Instagram channel, beyond her accomplished professional career serving customers through selling products that matter.
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  • January

    Gender Equity: Recapping the Davidson Day January Diversity Forum

    Lexi Justice '22
    At the fifth Davidson Day Diversity Forum, ten panelists discussed the topic of gender equity, the process of seeking gender equality, as described by moderator and Head of School Pete Moore during an introduction of the Forum to more than 60 virtual participants.  

    As one of the speaking panelists, I felt supported knowing that there were so many members of our community who cared about and planned to listen to what I, and my fellow panelists, would share about the topic and about our experiences at and beyond Davidson Day.
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  • Middle School Character Awards for the Second Quarter

    Every action a student chooses reflects that student's character and values. Each academic quarter, the middle school honors a student in each grade for an act of character, a time when the student took action and displayed a character trait in line with the Middle School Patriot Pledge, to show compassion and respect, to be a leader and a role model, and to give 100 percent.
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  • Upper School Character Awards for the Second Quarter

    Each academic quarter, the upper school honors a student of character in each grade. Such an honor recognizes those students who exhibit character traits in line with the Upper School Patriot Pledge, not to lie, cheat, steal, or plagiarize; nor to tolerate the dishonorable behavior of others. 
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  • Celebrating Service in Our Community: Third Grade Food Drive

    Each year, Davidson Day students go beyond campus to participate in service projects where they contribute their time, effort, and creativity to local nonprofits and impact-based organizations.  

    One long-standing service project, the Third Grade Food Drive, benefits the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry at the Ada Jenkins Center, just minutes away from our lakeside campus in Davidson.  

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  • Gretchen Leffew Earns Master of Education Degree

    When Gretchen Leffew first began teaching, she set a goal for herself: earning a Master of Education degree.

    In December, Leffew, who currently teaches Kindergarten at Davidson Day, achieved that goal, completing her coursework to earn a Master of Education degree with a concentration in STEM instruction for elementary-aged students.

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  • Podcast: Jessica Thompson on Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

    In the latest episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews School Counselor Jessica Thompson. Jessica discusses the difference between worry, stress, and anxiety, suggests how parents can help their children navigate normal social pain, and shares actionable tips that parents can take and put into practice this week to cultivate a nurturing, healthy family environment that allows children to foster resilience and navigate periods of high stress.
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