Davidson Day Fund


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Leadership Giving Societies

The Acclaim Society: $15,000 and above
Ryan and Larisa Kamp
Phil and Anne Roberts
The 1999 Society: $10,000 - $14,999
Kirk and Jen Blanchette
Philip and Elisabeth Bowman
Stephen and Kimberly Lank
Michelle Moore
Scott and Mary Rodesiler
Brandon and Sarah Schlesinger
The Trustees Society: $5,000 - $9,999
Matt Beckman
Aubrey Erez
Aaron and Liz Feinberg
Steven and Melissa Frank
Richard and Susanne Gordon
Dan and Brooke Hawkins
Mark and Annie Hummel
Michael and Kimberly Kuhn
Grant and Angie Mitchell
Mike and Cary McMahon
Irvin and Takila Naylor
John and Piper Olsen
Tracy Parks
Fred and Ella Smith
Jeff Stanton
Jonathan and Kerryn Zulman
The Head of School Society: $2,500 - $4,999
Ade and Teni Akingbade
Trevor and Megan Allison
Chris and Trish Armstrong
Steve and Shannon Bermes
Jaime Daniel and Beth MacDonald
Al and Lisa Dietz
Ryan and Sarah Dodd
Helmi and Laura Felfel
Nick Francis and Brittany O'Neill
Bob and Erin Hallman
Denny Hamlin and Jordan Fish
John and Leigh Ann Hoffman
David and Penny Hoover
Aaron and Tiffany James
Martin and Darlene Knudsen
Michael and Inga Maurer
Joe and Anne McGraw
Jamie and Christy McMurray
Robert Muhlsteff
Ali and Susan Nikrooz
Rolf and Holly Paeper
Ryan Ray and Maria Fackler-Ray
Kevin and Katie Rayment
Troy and Jennifer Reavis
James and Maria Rinaldi
Angelo Saake and Summer Shivers-Saake
Eric and Maggie Sass
Mike and Pam Sass
Richard and Jenna Skaff
Clarke Starnes and Elaine Defoe
Brian and Sheila Tierney
Donnie and Michelle Trumpower
Jim and Juli Toya

Other Giving Levels

Scholars Circle: $1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (2)
Mahdi and Haya Ajjan
Bo and Amanda Anders
Matthew and Megan Belmont
Greg Biffle
Kyle and Sara Cerminara
Jeffrey and Crystal Dickerson
Ty and Haley Dillon
Tom and Kristy Duncan
Mike and Shelley Falcone
Mitchell and Whitney Feld
Mike and Denise Fiore
Mark and Amy Hakim
Allison Hamme
Mary Katherine Harbin
David and Jennifer Holden
Mark and Annie Hummel
Devan and Morgan Kline
Barrett and Astri Kollme
Nick Kovscek and Bonnie Zilenziger
Kevin and Karen Lewis
Josh and Lisa Lippiner
Anthony and Aundrea Marra
Grant and Chappel Miller
Scott Morrison and Angel Wang
Tony and Deedee Peckich
Gary Pestana and Liz Watson
Sharon Pickens
Enrique Pinilla and Mason Schmitz
Mick and Louis Prosser
Caroline Ray
Doug and Elise Redmond
Jared and Aimee Reimann
Greg and Jennifer Riser
Scott and Ashleigh Robertson
Tiffany Robinson
Briton and Katherine Ryan
Diego Sanchez and Maria Zeolite
Raymond and Ellen Seebold
Adam Shapiro and Meggan Bushee
Jeff and Melissa Stallings
Guenther and Gertraud Steiner
Eric and Kelsey Stevens
Chuck Tate
Melissa Tate
Knox and Heather Teague
Rush and Kary Watson
Robert and Cormekki Whitley
Kobina and Brittney Wilmot
Patriots Circle: $500 - $999
Glen Archer
Matthew and Natasha Austin
Tim and Jaime Belitz
Kyle Bennett and Alissa Carmona
Jason and Jaime Berry
Andrew and Kyle Bishop
Tom and Robbie Carnaggio
Eric Cheatwood and Kathy Mauch
Chris and Anita Donohoe
Seth Berkman and Laurissa Ecker-Berkman
Lance and Sheela Bryan
Omar Caldwell '11
Jeff and Joni Coble
Geoffrey and Heather Duke
Viola Ebert
Marty and Cindy Gaunt
Andrew Griffith
Steve and Danya Harder
Bagwell Hawkins
Matt and Kenya Hawkins
Brian and Beth Hayes
Austin and Morgan Hill
Gerard and Marcy Hingst
Ronald and Melissa Horton
Jeff and Jaime King
David and Beth Kovach
Drew and Trisha Lawson
Paul and Kristi Leonard
Steve and Tricia Letarte
Scott and Laura Liseno
Matthias and Amy Loh
John and Connie MacDonald
Jorn Madsen and Maud Bodholdt
Susan Melton
Cyndie Mynatt
Alex and Michelle Mullineaux
Mark Palmer
Russell Peck and Heidi Burgdorf
Joe and Natalia Popper
Jim and Christy Pritchard
Andy and Cam Puckett
Mike and Beth Simmons
Ryan and Amanda Soer
Sever and Roxana Surdulescu
William and Abbi Troutman
Rick and Jody Turek
Brad and Cindy Walters
Aaron and Andrea Wever
Scott and Lisa Woodbury
John and Tiffany Zeszutek
Eric and Mandy Ziegler
Red & Blue Circle: $250 - $499
Laura Adams
Jamie and Celeste Ashe
Steven and Tammie Bagwell
Bill and Maya Baugh
Kevin and Tammy Bringewatt
Michael and Sarah Cantor
Tony Castleberry and Tiffany Victor-Castleberry
Ward Childress and Marcella Tanzil
Patrick and Kate Cohen
Kimberly Colvin and Leigh Ann Epperson
Charmaine Comerford
John Cronin and Jami Householder
Kevin and Lisa Davis
Richard and Aimee Donaldson
Daniel and Quincy Eassa
Elizabeth Estep
Jeff and Melissa Estill
JW and Traci Fletcher
Chris and Jen Gabehart
Peter and Megan Gray
Travis and Carrie Geisler
Steven Haderer
Ed and Stacy Haponik
Marc and Erin Henegar
Destiny Higginbotham
Robert and Jessica Horner
Patrick and Marcela Hosmann
Chad and Karon Hyatt
Adam and Iryna Jones
Arundeep Kahlon and Amrita Dhillon
Ryan and Simone Kearey
Will Kennedy
Jeff Kniple and Marya Howell
Kyle and Crystal Lambeth
Brad and Shannon Laatsch
Chuck LaRusso
Darius and Whitney Law
Rachel Lennox
Nathan and Crystal Liss
JD and Liz McAlister
Robert and Rebecca McAloon
Chris and Melissa McDonnell
Robert and Barbara McGraw
Arvind and Isha Mishra
Mark Moore and Lori McPherson-Moore
Ryan and Kristy Moser
Alana Muhlsteff
Gwen Neace
Nash and Shruti Patel
Sam and Katie Renaut
Julia Rivera
Tracy Seifert
Don and Jasmin Shay
Jennifer Shiley and Kimberly Wayne
Curt and Jennifer Sidden
Michael and Kate Smith
Marc and Bethany Thompson
Paul and Kristin Thompson
Michael Wagner
Scott and Jess Wallace
John and Laura Wansley
Henry and Caroline Wilson
Joe and Linda Yanok
Danny Young and Babi Alarcon
Steve and Nicole Yudin
Jacob Zambrzycki and Nicole Seminara
Partners: $249 and below
Yasmany and Kallie Abreu Gonzalez
William Akins and Coralia Frias-Akins
McCall Allison '34
Heather Austin
Deborah Axelrod
Caitlin Barndt
Guy and Susan Beaumont
Bryan and Alex Beckham
Megan Benfield
Kristen Bilney
Tracey Blackledge
Peter Blake
Mikayla Boykin
Jake Breunig '22
Mark Breunig '20
Jason and Julie Brown
Trent and Michelle Brown
Roger and Sharon Byers
Olga Cadilla-Sayres
Vincent and Jeanine Calcagno
Erin Cappelmann
Gaby Castellano
Lori Cerullo
Albert Chow
Jordan and Kaiti Clark
Tara Condon
Tim Conniff
Beth Cook
Melissa Cook
Jill Cope
David and Teresa Crowe
Christopher and Chantal Decker
Frantz and Nancy Denis
Laura DiBlasio
Shane and Suzanna Doty
Dave and Christa Eccher
Denise Elliot
Mindi Ellison
Anthony and Hella Fiore
Creighton and Suzanne Fiscina
Jessica Fox
Eric and Virginia Frankel
Noel and April Freidline
Melissa Fuerst
Tami Fuller
Joanna Gerdy
Behrooz Ghaedsharafi and Farah Sehhat
Joe and Catherine Glass
Richard and Shelley Gordon
Michelle Gorman
Jerry and Karen Gouge
Justin and Emily Griswold
Kim Guffey
Mann Gupta and Manpreet Sangha
David Hall
Ann-Marie Harp
Kyle Hayes
Andrew and January Heiberger
Clint and Tia Hill
Vickie Howard
Maria Howell
Phedora Johnson
Shirley Jordan
Michael Kee
Noah and Amy Kivett
Steve and Julie Langley
Gretchen Leffew
Patrick Letourneau
Peter and Carolyn Linamen
Anthony Looney
Brianne Lute
Brandon and Lara Marion
Joshua Marks and Typhaine Soulet-Marks
Jeremy and Jami Marsh
Monica Marsilio
Kaitlin Mattingly
Lynne McClellan
Crispin McDonald and Carmin Wingeier
Steve and Joy McGill
Elizabeth Miller
Gwen Neace
John and Vanessa Noe
Elvin and Jada Nunn
Brian and Stacy Pahl
Justin and Cheryl Palmer
Ritah Patterson
Brad and Amy Pearce
Baker and Patience Perry
Jessica Phipps
Carla Rabb
Jeremy Randazza
Mike Raskevitz
Wil Rasmussen
Phil and Susan Ratcliff
Hope Riley
Justin and Bridget Roath
BJ and Jyla Rollinson
Karen Russell
Andrew and Lauren Rutter
Alex Sanders
Mat  and Priscilla Saunders
Rob Simpson
Jeff and Lindsay Smith
Mary Anne Snyder
Wade and Angie Spraberry
Thomas and Kelly Steen
Rob and Jennifer Stevens
Chris Sturm
Maritza Stutts
Debbie Taylor
Lisa Thomas
Mike and Tiffani Thomas
Jessica Thompson
Chris Turner
Yadira Venegas
Chris and Cynthia Walsh
Bubba and Suzette Watson
Carrie Wehunt
Nathan and Joselyn White
Julie Williams
Todd Wisegarver
Laura Woods
Brian and Kate Wright

*as of 2/16/2024
Davidson Day School is an independent private school for students 2 years old through 12th grade in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte.