Student Life


At each step along the way, our student-athletes will discover their love; for school and sport, camaraderie, hard work and for being a Davidson Day Patriot.
Developing well rounded students is a core philosophy at Davidson Day School. We believe that athletics plays a vital role, along with other co-curricular offerings, in developing outstandingly well rounded students through commitment, hard work, teamwork, character development, sportsmanship, and leadership within a challenging and competitive environment.

At Davidson Day we offer a tiered approach to our athletic team and opportunity offerings. Each level brings with it various philosophies and expected levels of commitment. The goal of each participant is to grow as student-athletes from a very first introduction to school sports through various developmental levels with the goal to ultimately participate on varsity teams which are designed to compete for and win conference and state championships.

2022-2023 Athletics Recap

Davidson Day School is an independent private school for students 2 years old through 12th grade in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte.