Supporting Davidson Day

It’s because of our why

Many people—parents, grandparents, alumni and their parents, faculty and staff, corporations and small businesses, friends of the school—choose to support the students of Davidson Day through philanthropic gifts.
The impact of our donors' generosity is seen in every aspect of Davidson Day—and in the lives of our Patriots beyond the boundaries of their education.
It’s why our donors support our students that is so fascinating.  Our donors recognize that their contributions—whether financial or based in volunteering their time or expertise—result in long-term benefits for each and every one of our students. 

We don’t exist to make money—we exist to ensure that every student not only achieves their potential but also is prepared to thrive in our global world.  

Through our philanthropic efforts, we’re able to provide the resources and the opportunities that our students deserve, today, tomorrow, and beyond.  Our students are our why!
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Office of Philanthropy

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  • Photo of Mark Palmer

    Mark Palmer 

    Director of Philanthropy
  • Photo of Charmaine Comerford

    Charmaine Comerford 

    Assistant Director of Philanthropy
Davidson Day School is an independent private school for students 2 years old through 12th grade in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte.