Without a doubt, Davidson Day School is a diverse independent school that cultivates academic excellence through collaboration, creativity, and character development.  Our students are offered an active, challenging learning environment through the broad array of programs that are designed to provide intellectual stimulation and encourage critical thinkers to be our problem solvers of tomorrow.  The DDS faculty, staff and administration alike are committed to being innovative in preparing our students for the ever changing world they will enter as adults.  Our investment, commitment and partnership with your child transcends the traditional standards set forth by many educational institutions today.   We are dedicated to preparing your child for his/her future!
Like all strong independent schools, Davidson Day School depends upon the generosity of its community to support and sustain its programs, faculty, and facilities. Our parents, past parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of Davidson Day School give generously of their time, talents and treasures in support of our mission.  Through the generosity of our donors each year, Davidson Day School is able to provide top notch professional development for its teachers, administrators and staff, Academics for the classrooms, Technology and Specials.  
With our talented teachers and small classes, we are able to deliver an outstanding curriculum from both a social and an academic perspective.   Our diverse offerings are designed to meet the individual needs and goals of our exceptional students.
We are committed to excellence, and we ask for your philanthropic commitment to our mission, for your child.  A Davidson Day School education means more personalized attention, increased intellectual stimulation, and an outstanding credibility behind the multi-faceted credentials our students possess throughout their lives.
Commit to excellence…commit to the Davidson Day Annual Fund.
Julie Brown, Upper School Biology teacher, describes how the digital microscope purchased with Annual Fund dollars enhances her classroom:

“The digital microscope is going to be a wonderful learning tool, because it allows my entire class to work together to discover amazing and cool things. Normally, the kids work individually, and we can never see what other people are seeing, but this scope allows the kids to project what they see. Seeing a tiny organism swimming around under a microscope for the first time is an amazing, mind-opening experience, and this microscope allows us to share that moment as a class. It will also be a fantastic teaching tool for me, because I can assign students to find certain cells or structures (for example, the different types of white blood cells), then project [a slide] to the class so that they know what they’re looking for. Students will also be able to photograph and integrate images of the microorganisms they find into research papers and presentations.”

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