Twenty-seven Juniors Inducted into National Honor Society

Recently, we inducted 27 juniors into the Davidson Day School Chapter of the National Honor Society. 
Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student. They are not selected simply because of a high academic achievement, but also because they have met or exceeded the expectations we seek in the areas of leadership, service and especially character. Their selection was based upon careful consideration of their work and achievements in the four pillars (Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character) by the faculty council charged with evaluating their application and their work both within our school and the community. 

Congratulations, inductees!
  • Drew Adams
  • Donovan Atwell
  • Cameron Baker
  • Jake Breunig
  • Delaney Brown
  • Charlie Caputo
  • Sean Confoy
  • Brianna Dopfel
  • Kate Fleming
  • Sloane Fuhr
  • Ella Grace Wolfe
  • River Hamme
  • Hannah Higbea
  • Oliver Hingst
  • Lexi Justice
  • Ellie Kolme
  • Carter Laatsch
  • Max Lawrence
  • Gabe Massingale
  • Caitlin McGuinness
  • Fletcher Meadows
  • John Pizzo
  • Becca Rode
  • Ava Smith
  • Zepeng Xie
  • Sully Young
  • Logan Zucker