Podcast: Takila Williams on Perseverance, Purpose, and Service

In this episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews parent Takila Williams. 

Takila shares how perseverance and pursuit of purpose-driven goals led to a fulfilling and rewarding dream of winning a professional cheerleading job and how those same principles applied to growing an entrepreneurial and exceptional career in sales, starting in pest control and, later, in pharmaceutical sales.  She also shares actionable tips about the creation of a vision board and an in-depth explanation of how taking a service-oriented approach to sales can yield dividends in employment, parenting, relationships, and nearly any other goal one may have. 

Today, in addition to being the parent of a Patriot, Takila shares inspirational messages and lessons via an Instagram channel, beyond her accomplished professional career serving customers through selling products that matter.

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