Impact Story: Transitioning to Virtual Learning

Even when our students aren't at school, they continue to learn.  That’s especially true for our early childhood students, who seek out real-world experiences and are naturally inclined to take an interest in participating and assisting in the world (of adults) around them.

Virtual learning can be particularly challenging for early childhood students and their families. 
At Davidson Day, our classrooms and daily schedules and routines are built to allow free movement, to encourage creativity and collaboration, and to provide opportunities to work with and explore tangible, physical objects. 
Students need this type of work available to them at home, as well.

Because of the investments our community made to the Enrichment Fund, our teachers were prepared to transition our students to a virtual environment, equipped with the resources necessary to continue instruction that provided a rich, robust, real-world experience for our young Patriot learners. 
Early childhood educators prepared packets or activity baskets for each student, based on the themes the class was studying and created short videos which aligned with these themes.
Then, these were either mailed to each family or dropped off at each student’s house by our early childhood teachers.

In one classroom’s baskets, for example, students and their families found items like potting soil, seeds, a container, and a small shovel, so that students could explore how plants grow.
Then, through supplemental videos on the digital platform Seesaw, students learned from their teacher how to plant the seeds and how to structure a hypothesis about what would happen next. 
Beyond planting seeds, students enjoyed physical items like a Frisbee and a pinwheel, so they could explore outside in the natural environment, participate in physical activities, and develop their gross motor skills.

Because of your generosity, we had the academic flexibility and the resources to give our students what they needed most, even in transitioning to our virtual teaching and learning environment to conclude the 2019–2020 Academic Year.  Your Enrichment Fund contributions improved and enhanced the academic experience for all of our Patriots.