Impact Story: Pacing Innovation and Technology

Fueled by your investments in the Enrichment Fund, STEM Instructor Courtney Chambers is revolutionizing how students combine lessons from different disciplines to solve complex challenges.
By developing intellectually challenging projects that require Patriots to retrieve the academic knowledge they’ve previously acquired, then implement that knowledge in new and innovative ways, she’s deepening our students’ cross-curricular connections and building their foundation of future-ready skills.
Take, for example, the incorporation of seven Sphero BOLT robots, purchased with money donated to the Enrichment Fund.

With flexible, app-enabled technology, these robots can accomplish a variety of challenges Ms. Chambers structures for students.
Through these projects, and a multitude of others, students are learning the basics of computer programming and robotics.
“The Sphero robots allow me to integrate multiple curricular standards throughout lessons, as in the project-based engineering challenges that our Patriot students complete," explains Ms. Chambers.

4th Grade students were researching Roman chariots for their academic work in their classrooms.
“Aware of their academic work, I challenged them to deploy their knowledge to design and construct
their own chariots, powered by the Sphero BOLT robots," says Mrs. Chambers.
"The project culminated with students programming their robot-powered chariots to navigate a course similar to the historical chariot racetrack.”

Your gift to Davidson Day generates excitement in integrated learning and in STEM education for all of our students.