Davidson Day’s Upper School is where our mission is fully realized. Our college preparatory curriculum in 9th-12th grades is designed to challenge and inspire young minds to uncover interests and to find and amplify their voices. In English, history, and world languages, students deconstruct sophisticated materials and then analyze and reframe them, making high-level connections and interpretations. Math and science are inquiry-based, welding the abstract and theoretical with concrete application. Students see formulas and experiments at work in the world and then confidently articulate what the data means. Our small class sizes support a Socratic-style environment, where each student is expected to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and advocate for themselves and others. Projects are collaborative and demand creativity, with students learning to leverage each other’s strengths, solve problems together, and motivate peers to focus their efforts. Each spring, seniors deliver a capstone speech in which they consciously reflect upon how Davidson Day’s teachers and opportunities have assisted in developing their character and individuality. Upon graduation, our alumni are lifelong learners who are eminently ready to find success in college.

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