Our Mission

Davidson Day School fosters academic excellence through collaboration, creativity, and character development.

Our Vision

To be the premier college preparatory organization in the Lake Norman area, by offering innovative, personalized learning that unlocks student potential.  A Davidson Day School education prepares well-rounded, compassionate leaders to succeed on the global stage.

Our Values

List of 4 items.

  • Meaningful connections.

    Our faculty, staff, and coaches build genuine relationships with students in their care, seeking to understand how they think, feel, and learn. 
  • A secure, supportive learning environment.

    We prioritize physical, emotional, and intellectual safety in every academic and social environment.
  • Enriching experiences.

    We cultivate curious, well-rounded students. Our academic and extracurricular programs help students discover and explore their interests.
  • Integrity.

    We have high standards for honorable and respectful behavior.  We expect our community members to be compassionate and contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Our Position on Racism

As an institution that values inclusivity and the diversity of our entire community, Davidson Day School adamantly rejects racism of all forms. 

Beyond cultivating academic excellence through our curriculum, Davidson Day has an obligation to teach our students about integrity of character; and to uphold honorable and respectful behavior, to be compassionate, and to contribute to the well-being of others.

In today’s challenging times, we affirm our commitment to live our School values:
  • To foster meaningful connections, both within the walls of our building and beyond, with the promise to listen, respectfully, to those who have different thoughts and opinions.

  • To maintain a secure, supportive environment where all individuals are free to speak and to think and to solve problems together, free of intimidation.

  • To provide our students with a wide range of enriching activities and exposure to other cultures, so that they grow up to be empathetic to the plurality of experiences and perspectives that they will encounter beyond Lake Norman.

  • To instill character so that beyond Davidson Day, our students will advocate for and advance the dignity and humanity of each person.  

School Information

750 Jetton Street
Davidson, NC 28036
[P] 704-237-5200   [F] 704-896-5535
An Independent Day School educating students 2 years old through 12th grade