Davidson Day Competes in FIRST Robotics Competition

Davidson Day School students competed in their first FIRST Robotics Competition along with Pine Lake Prep and Team SPORK last weekend in Asheville, North Carolina.
SPORK is an acronym for "Students Providing Outreach in Robotics Kinship" and the existing Pine Lake Prep team admitted interested Davidson Day students to join this year. The competition was sponsored by Boeing, so the game field resembled an airport. The center of the field was a "Hub" with the blue and red outlining the starting positions called "Tarmacs, " the climbing area called the "Hangar," and the ball called "Cargo." 

Thank you to Pine Lake Prep for welcoming our students -- Charlie Caputo '22, Owen Saunders '25, and Cole Lambeth '25 -- and our coaches -- Mr. Dwight Jessup and Mrs. Priscilla Saunders -- to Team SPORK!