Podcast: Mike Sass on School Leadership and Service to Others

In this episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews Mike Sass. Mike is a retired superintendent of schools in Illinois. He worked his way up from teacher to school leader, and in the process earned his doctorate in education. Mike is also the founder and president of Catalyst Academy. Mike’s granddaughters, Charlotte and Kennedy attend Davidson Day, and he is one of the newest members of our board of trustees. In this podcast interview, Mike chats with Pete Moore about school leadership and service to others.
The podcast can be downloaded on most popular podcast players and apps, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. In total, we published 13 episodes in the 2020-21 school year, and this is our third episode this year. All episodes are also available for streaming HERE.

In each episode, listeners will hear stories from different members of our supportive and diverse community, which means that you’ll hear fascinating tales from parents, board members, alumni, and the wonderful people who work at Davidson Day.