Impact Story: Culturally-Responsive Literature

Every day, Patriot students are challenged to articulate and share their ideas in many formats: writing, classroom discussions, presentations and speeches, dioramas, and experiments. This matters.
Our students—your children—are global citizens who will contribute to and lead in their communities and organizations at a time when cultural considerations are more important than ever.
That’s why, with support from the Enrichment Fund, Davidson Day invests in the professional development of our faculty. 
Dr. Kerri Hunt, chair of the Davidson Day English Department, completed the master classes "Culturally Responsive Literature Instruction" and "Instructional Moves: Making Classroom Discussions More Inclusive and Effective" through the Harvard Graduate School of Education, just one example of how Davidson Day invests in our staff.

“These courses provided me with an opportunity to learn from a diverse group of educators working on choosing texts and approaches that reflect the diversity of our contemporary cultural landscape,” says Dr. Hunt.
“Engaging our Upper School students in critical conversations about literature and culture is central to my teaching practice. Being able to discuss, understand, and respond productively to cultural otherness is a crucial skill for students to practice as they prepare for college and beyond.”
Dr. Hunt implemented research-driven strategies for culturally responsive education to supplement her teaching of critical literacy in AP Literature, Composition, and Creative Writing.

She also expanded her repertoire of inclusive discussion strategies in the physical space of the classroom and in her virtual classes after Davidson Day safely transitioned to its virtual teaching and learning environment.
Our Patriots will graduate, they will enter the workforce as employees and leaders, and they will contribute to their communities. Their ability to understand cultural differences and collaborate with others from different backgrounds who have diverse experiences and skills will be critical to their success in college and beyond.

“I appreciate the opportunity to further my knowledge and hone my teaching, thanks to the contributions of our community to the Enrichment Fund,” says Dr. Hunt.