A Message to Our Community

Recent displays of racism and violence in our country, highlighted by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, compel us to reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion in delivering our educational mission of cultivating academic excellence through collaboration, creativity, and character development.
Davidson Day adamantly rejects racism in all forms. 
At this time, we stand in solidarity with our black and brown families and colleagues and affirm our commitment to our values:
  • To foster meaningful connections, both within the walls of our building and beyond, with the promise to listen, respectfully, to those who have different thoughts and opinions.
  • To maintain a secure, supportive environment where all individuals are free to speak and to think and to solve problems together, free of intimidation.
  • To provide our students with a wide range of enriching activities and exposure to other cultures, so that they grow up to be empathetic to the plurality of experiences and perspectives that they will encounter beyond Lake Norman.
  • To instill character so that beyond Davidson Day, our students will advocate for and advance the dignity and humanity of each person. 
We celebrate and value inclusion and diversity, strategic priorities for Davidson Day.  In the 2019–2020 Academic Year, the school partnered with Global Minds United to conduct bias awareness training for all faculty and staff.  During the academic year, we formed a broader partnership with the organization to implement throughout the 2020–2021 Academic Year, and this partnership will guide Davidson Day's ongoing dialogue about race, equity, and social justice. 
We are deeply honored that families choose Davidson Day to help raise their children to be compassionate, respectful global citizens who choose to advocate for and advance the dignity and humanity of each person in our community and in the world beyond.