Programmatically, the mini-term experience accentuates the mission of Davidson Day School and truly provides our 5th and 6th grade students the opportunity to directly practice and apply the skills of creativity and collaboration in a setting designed to encourage character development.
True education and learning occur when we step out of our comfort zones and reach just beyond our grasp…and this is as true for teachers as it is for students.  Too often in the world of education teachers become complacent and comfortable in their ‘silo.’  Our mini-term design challenges teachers to break out of that ‘silo’ model and to reach out and across – to find new and exciting ways to connect with other content teachers.  Driven by our Arts department, both visual and performing, the mini-term embraces the arts, English, social studies, math, science, technology…it is Arts integration. And, the outcome is deeply impactful.

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