COVID-19 Response

Our Approach

Davidson Day recognizes that the optimal teaching and learning environment for our community is one in which students and teachers are together on-campus, interacting face to face. We feel fortunate to be able to present a reopening plan that can bring our students back to school safely. This plan represents the thoughtful work of the Reopening Task Force and adheres to stringent health and safety protocols. 

We have also prepared an option for students who need to learn from home, whether due to health concerns or family preference. 

Further, we have developed a contingency plan designed to enable Davidson Day to adapt to the changing conditions of the pandemic, should we be required to deliver our curriculum in a virtual model. 

Reopening Info Sessions

Reopening Plan

  • On-campus learning for all students
  • Stringent health and safety protocols, including face coverings, social distancing, cohorts, and daily health screenings

Individual Virtual Attendance Plan*

  • Virtual learning for any students required to stay home due to illness or quarantine
  • Virtual learning for any student whose family opts into year-long virtual learning
  • Synchronous learning with on-campus classes

*See “Individual Virtual Attendance”

Contingency Plan

  • Full, virtual learning for all students
  • Includes enhancements to last spring’s virtual teaching and learning program
At all times, we will calibrate our school operations and teaching to public health conditions.

While it is difficult to predict the ways in which our current health context might change in the future, one thing is constantour steadfast commitment to fostering academic excellence through collaboration, creativity, and character development. Across the school, our dedicated faculty and staff are redoubling their efforts to prepare for the new school year. 

We cannot wait to see your children again, and we look forward to a healthy and successful year ahead.

Our Guiding Principles

Early in the spring, the Reopening Task Force developed “Guiding Principles for Reopening Davidson Day,” which we have followed throughout our research and implementation:

  • All students, faculty, and staff will be secure and supported.
  • Our community will be prepared, in advance, for a transition to a contingency plan.
  • Families will understand the new policies and procedures, as well as the updates to our campus building and classrooms.
  • Families will have sufficient information to make the best choice for their children and their education.

These four guiding principles speak to our mission and our values, and they are also aligned with what we have learned from our virtual teaching and learning experience in the spring and the parent survey’s feedback in early June. 

Details of the Reopening Plan

Developed with Guidance from

Reopening Task Force

List of 3 items.

  • Enriching Experiences Team

    • Michael Smith, Head of Upper School
    • Liz McAlister, Asst. Head of Early Childhood-8th Grade
    • Ron Johnson, Director of Athletics
    • Dwight Jessup, Upper School Computer Science Teacher
    • Michelle Mullineaux, Middle School Technology Teacher
    • Courtney Chambers, Lower School STEM Teacher
    • Julia Colopy, 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
    • Brad Laatsch, Science Department Chair
    • Mackenzie Oakes, 1st Grade Teacher
    • Christy Dickson, 3rd Grade Teacher
    • Kerri Hunt, English Department Chair
    • Vanessa Noe, Registrar
  • Meaningful Connections Team

    • Mark Palmer, Donor Advisor, Director of Development
    • Carrie Lott, Director of Marketing & Communications
    • Jason Parker, Marketing Assistant
    • Charmaine Comerford, Executive Assistant
  • Safe and Secure Environment Team

    Focused on Student, Faculty, and Family Health
    • Wes Wehunt, Head of Early Childhood-8th Grade
    • Liz McAlister, Asst. Head of Early Childhood-8th Grade
    • Angie Spraberry, School Nurse
    Focused on Facilities and Employee Matters
    • Rachel Lennox, CFO
    • Chris Graham, Director of Facilities
    • Trent Brown, Director of Enrollment Management
    • Suzette Watson, Senior Accountant

Board Reopening Committee

  • David Alexander
  • Renee Brown
  • Rebecca Henderson
  • Joe McGraw
  • Holly Paeper

Health Advisory Group

  • Dr. S. Rene Benson, Pediatrician at Piedmont Health
  • Mr. Joe Labovitz, Vice President-Operations at Atrium Health University City
  • Dr. Karen Lewis, Pediatrician at Novant Health
  • Dr. David Kovach, Anesthesiology Specialist at Charlotte Surgery Center
  • Dr. Corey Mottesheard, Family Physician at Novant Health
  • Dr. Susan Nikrooz, Gastroenterologist at Gastroenterology Associates in Hickory, North Carolina
Davidson Day School is an independent private school for students 2 years old through 12th grade in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte.