Strategic Plan

During the 2021-2022 school year, our Board of Trustees formed a strategy group to work on Davidson Day’s Strategic Plan. This group included trustees, the Head of School, and the school’s Chief Financial Officer. The Board of Trustees’ strategy group gathered feedback from hundreds of students, faculty, and parents through group meetings, surveys, and one on one meetings. Additionally, this group investigated competitive schools to benchmark our performance in academics, enrichment, satisfaction, and value proposition.

Below you will find Davidson Day’s strategic priorities outlined with a new framework guided by the following pillars: Academic Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion, Community Empowerment, and Financial Strength.  

As we continue to move forward to advance the mission of our school, please note the information below will be updated as necessary. Once we accomplish our goals, our intention is to always create new ones to ensure our commitment to excellence and improvement.

Strategic Framework

List of 4 items.

  • Academic Excellence

    1. One School Approach
      1. Hire a Curriculum Coordinator to create and implement programmatic alignment strategies to ensure a consistent student learning experience
      2. Execute mission with age-appropriate development throughout divisions that threads, flows, and builds division to division and grade to grade
      3. Improve our utilization of standardized assessments across divisions to track student progress over time 
    2. Culture of Innovation
      1. Prioritize investment in innovative learning approaches that enable mission and differentiation
      2. Inspire faculty, staff, and administration to seek new, innovative learning approaches and professional development
      3. Amplify our schools innovative learning and programs by broader ecosystem partnerships
    3. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
      1. Adopt and implement SEL curriculum and establish programs that promote social and emotional wellbeing 
      2. Strengthen formal Lower School classroom program and Middle and Upper School advisory, and implement tools to deploy efficiently and consistently
      3. Create inviting and collaborative learning environments that foster intellectual and social energy
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    1. Climate of Inclusivity
      1. Conduct an inclusivity survey to provide understanding of the climate of inclusivity on campus. 
    2. Belonging
      1. Create affinity groups for community members in underrepresented groups
    3. Connection
      1. Continue professional development and parent education training focused on student support and personal growth
  • Community Empowerment

    1. Students
      1. Increase partnerships with local schools and organizations to offer more academic and athletic programming for our students
      2. Expand community beyond our school to provide a richer social experience and foster outreach
    2. Faculty
      1. Attract, retain, and motivate passionate employees across all functions
      2. Provide more opportunities for faculty and administration to participate in professional development
      3. Encourage and support innovative approaches that enhance student learning 
      4. Build an environment that is rewarding, fun, connected, and high performing
    3. Parents/Guardians
      1. Create opportunities for parents to connect outside of the school day to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships
      2. Align volunteer groups such as the Board of Trustees, Patriot Parent Association, and Patriot Athletic Club so that we are utilizing our many volunteers to enhance the school’s mission and vision
    4. Community
      1. Implement structured service learning options across grades
      2. Create partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits
  • Financial Strength

    1. Investments
      1. Invest in an athletic facility - multi-purpose field, track, tennis courts, and strength training and fitness facility
    2. Financial Sustainability
      1. Continue to focus on financial transparency, stability, and long-term sustainability
    3. Culture of Philanthropy
      1. Build culture of giving to enable infrastructure, initiative, and program growth
Davidson Day School is an independent private school for students 2 years old through 12th grade in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte.