Lower School at Davidson Day encompasses our Early Childhood program (Toddlers, Eaglets, and Transitional Kindergarten) as well as the traditional elementary school grades Kindergarten-4th.

Early Childhood (Toddlers, Eaglets, TK)

Believing that education is a life-long process, our Early Childhood program seeks to nurture and develop the hearts and minds of our youngest students. Toddlers (age two) through students in our Transitional Kindergarten “TK” program (ages four and young fives) engage in hands-on exploration of the world around them. Our program is designed to help children discover and create with one another. Teachers provide ample time for exploration, as well as lead activities which promote academic readiness in individual, small group, and whole group settings. Our curriculum is designed to be both developmentally appropriate and appropriately challenging, in an effort to meet each child’s specific needs. Character education is infused throughout the day as the children interact and learn how to get along with others who are different from them. In this environment, children develop the skills they need to become successful learners in Kindergarten and beyond.

Lower School (Kindergarten-4th Grade)

From Kindergarten through 4th Grade, teachers work to help each student discover and cultivate their potential for learning. Our daily morning assembly helps instill pride in students, as students learn and recite our Patriot Pledge. Character lessons focus on the traits in the pledge, and students strive to be compassionate, honest, respectful, courageous, and safe on a daily basis, as they interact with peers and adults. In the classroom, teachers provide students with a variety of learning opportunities, helping students derive meaning from their direct experiences. Students learn to express their thoughts and opinions clearly and creatively on paper and in presentations. Through collaborative projects, students learn how to work with one another, listening to and sharing ideas. Our Lower School science and technology labs provide enriched opportunities for hands-on experimentation. Art, world language, library, physical education, and music provide additional opportunities for students to develop their skills and talents. Each year brings more thought-provoking experiences to stimulate and satisfy students’ natural curiosity and prepare them for Middle School.

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