21-22 COVID Protocols

Ensuring we are doing all we can to maximize in-person, on-campus learning.
That was our primary focus during the 2020-21 school year, and it remains so for the 2021-22 school year. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is how crucial it is for young people to be in school. 
Further, our flexibility as a community last school year was vital, and that same flexibility will be the key to navigating this school year successfully. We will need to be nimble, recognize when a particular approach is no longer practical, and shift promptly.

Since the onset of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, Davidson Day has adhered strictly to the StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit, published by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS).

Please see this resource's links (at right) for Davidson Day's most current COVID protocols.

Health Protocols

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  • Vaccination

    COVID-19 vaccinations are strongly encouraged (but not required) for all eligible age groups. Davidson Day families are encouraged to share their child’s vaccination card with School Nurse, Angie Spraberry (simply email a photo of the card to her at aspraberry@davidsonday.org). This proof of vaccination status will be helpful during contact tracing and determination of which individuals need to quarantine.
  • Daily Health Screening

    All students and employees will complete a health screening form via the PikMyKid app each morning before they come to campus. The app will list questions related to symptoms and possible exposure. Certain responses will initiate instructions for the student or employee to stay home from school.
  • Social Distancing

    Whenever possible, we will adhere to 3 ft. social distancing as currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). With our low student-to-faculty ratio, Davidson Day is able to maintain this in each classroom and learning space by reconfiguring desks and other furniture to fit each student’s desk or seat 3 ft. from others. Note: 3 ft. social distancing will also apply on school transportation.
  • Hand Hygiene

    All students and employees will be required to wash hands with soap and water frequently or use hand sanitizer. All classrooms have hand sanitizer dispensers for easy access, and hand sanitizer stations will be available at entrances, exits, and high traffic areas.
  • Medical History & Emergency Contacts

    All students are required to have the Medical History form and Emergency Contacts form completed online through Patriot Connect and updated annually. In the event that your child presents with a fever or becomes ill during the school day, a parent or designated emergency contact will be called to pick up your child and bring him/her home. 
  • Observation Room

    A student who develops symptoms during the school day will immediately visit the School Nurse. We have designated two different clinic spaces—one for isolation of students with COVID-19-like symptoms and one for daily health operations.
  • Notification Process

    If a student exhibits at least one symptom on the daily screening, during the school day, the parent or designated emergency contact will be called by the School Nurse to pick up and take the student home. The School Nurse will keep track of whether additional students in the cohort exhibit at least one symptom or if symptoms progress. 

Other Protocols

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  • Virtual Learning

    Individual Virtual Learning (i.e. Campus Open)

    Individual Virtual Learning (some students learning at home while other students are in the classroom) can be a difficult experience for the students at home and at school and is extremely challenging for our teachers. As a result, we will offer limited individual virtual learning while the school is open to in-person learning. Only students who have been asked by Davidson Day to a) quarantine due to COVID-like symptoms or a positive COVID test OR b) due to identification as a close contact will be permitted to learn virtually at home.
    School-Wide Virtual Learning (i.e. Campus Closed)

    Although it appears unlikely given the vaccine and other mitigation strategies, there is a possibility that we may need to switch to virtual learning for all students if circumstances require it. This is a last resort. Should it need to happen, though, our teachers proved last year that they could pivot very quickly and offer an exceptional education no matter the circumstances.
  • Before School

    To minimize larger group gatherings, Davidson Day will not provide Before School Care. Upon arrival:
    • Early childhood and lower school students will report directly to their classroom.
    • Middle school and upper school students will report to the classroom of their first period class.
  • Gatherings

    Morning and midday assemblies have been redesigned, and through technology, students will view announcements from their classrooms.
  • Lunch

    To minimize larger group gatherings, students will eat lunch in their classrooms or outdoors, weather and space permitting. Hot lunch offerings will still be available for order through the school’s hot lunch program, but we will only offer individually-packaged options. Those lunches will be delivered to each classroom. Individual lunch deliveries will not be permitted due to the restriction of all non-essential visitors to campus. Students will not have access to microwaves in the Commons, so those who bring lunches from home need to bring lunches that do not need to be heated up.
  • After School

    After School Care only will be offered to families. Parents will be asked to register students for After School Care, so that we can plan effectively for appropriate staffing and spacing.
  • Overnight Trips

    All overnight class trips are suspended for the fall semester.
  • Visitor Guidelines

    Parents, vendors, and other guests are permitted by invitation or appointment only. Visitors will need to fill out a paper screening form at the front desk and adhere to the school's current masking policy at the time of visit.
  • Athletics

    Davidson Day will continue to follow the guidance of the North Carolina Independent School Athletics Association and the National Federation of High Schools when implementing policies and protocols for all sports:
    • Every student who participates in athletics at Davidson Day must have a pre-participation physical on file with our athletic trainer. Information about the pre-participation physical can also be found on the Athletics Hub.
    • Coaches or athletes who feel ill should not attend practices. If an athlete is registered to participate and does not attend, coaches will follow up to determine the reason for the absence.
    • For indoor sports, athletes and coaches are not required to wear a mask at this time; this policy will be reevaluated as the start of the season approaches.
    • For outdoor sports, athletes and coaches are not required to wear masks.
    • Any person with positive symptoms reported will not be allowed to take part in practices and will be advised to contact their primary care provider. 
Davidson Day School is an independent private school for students 2 years old through 12th grade in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte.